The TSure Nucleic Acid Analysis Device from Sansure Obtained CE Mark
2022-09-23 yang, rongchang

The TSure Nucleic Acid Analysis Device from Sansure Obtained CE Mark

Sansure Biotech Sep 23, 2022

Recently, the TSure Nucleic Acid Analysis Device independently developed by Sansure obtained CE mark, which will further meet and expand the global testing market demands at all levels, and serve the construction of public health prevention and control system in every country better.
Sansure’s TSure Nucleic Acid Analysis Device is a portable device that can carry LAMP thermostatic amplification reagent stored at room temperature for nucleic acid amplification and fluorescence intensity detection. The kit is small and portable, weighing about 55 g with a size smaller than the palm of your hand. It is operated simply, detected fast and only needed 3 steps from sampling to on-machine detection. At the soonest of 10 minutes, the result can be reported through the LED light on the case outside. It is applicable to the needs of nucleic acid testing for emergency epidemic prevention and control. Moreover, it can also be used to test respiratory infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and other major diseases.

What Sansure has aimed at for a long time is the development of precise and rapid detecting instruments. The successful research and development of the new-generation iPonatic Ⅲ, TSure nucleic acid analysis device and other products of Sansure make it faster, cheaper and more application scenarios.
In the future, Sansure will continue to increase investment in technological innovation and research, attempt to develop more products with superior performance, promote intelligent health management to become a part of people’s daily life, and make gene technology accessible to everyone.

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