Based on Sansure “Advanced Magnetic Beads Technology”, we upgrade to modified superparamagnetic nano-bead technology , which can be applied in DNA/RNA extraction of common sample types such as serum, plasma, secretions, exfoliated cells, throat swabs, anal swabs, urine, feces, sputum, whole blood, tissues, paraffin sections. We combine the modified superparamagnetic nano-bead technology with fully automated nucleic acid extraction instrument to achieve unified sample DNA/RNA extracion, namely "unified release reagent + unified process" extraction. This method fixes the bottleneck that the traditional method needs to process DNA/RNA samples separately for different items, different sample types and different time periods, and improves the efficiency of clinical detection .

Fully-automatic unified sample processing technology
High sensitivity

Advanced superparamagnetic nano-bead technology

Accurate detection

Highly automated, avoid manual operation mistake

high detection efficiency

Compatible with a various sample treatment and automatic processing

Easier to operate

Simplifies the nucleic acid extraction and purification

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