Sansure Biotech Inc. is an in vitro diagnostic solution provider integrating diagnostic reagents, instruments and independent clinic laboratory services with its own innovative gene technology as its core. The company is committed to becoming a genetic technology provider, and is a National Demonstration Centre for the Application of Genetic Testing Technology and a National Joint Local Engineering Research Center for Genetic Diagnosis of Infection Diseases and Tumours.

Headquartered in Changsha, the company has built the new Industrial Park in Shanghai to create a production base for precise and intelligent molecular diagnostic systems and an important international hub, and set up branches or affiliates in nearly 20 cities, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Xi'an.

The company has developed a series of internationally leading core technologies and more than 500 products with performance exceeding the advanced level at home and abroad. All of the new technologies and products have lead the domestic industry to catch up with the international advanced level, and is now breaking the monopoly of imports and promoting the application of gene technology from individual departments to multiple departments in medical institutions, from high-end laboratories in large hospitals to all levels of hospitals including primary medical institutions, and from a few fields to all scenarios.

“Innovating Diagnostics For All” is more than merely just a mission statement. These four words represent a commitment and firm belief in revolutionizing the healthcare industry, improving patient outcomes, and fostering healthcare equity on a global scale. This mission goes beyond technological innovation to address broader societal needs and contribute to positive social change.
At Sansure, innovation is a core value. With a quickly growing list of patented technologies including one-tube fast release technology and superparamagnetic nano-bead technology, the company has developed hundreds of products employing internationally leading core technologies in the biotechnology industry. We are dedicated to ongoing research and development with the goal of early detection and disease prevention— early diagnosis not only leads to more effective treatment, but also reduces the burden on healthcare systems and improves patient outcomes. On a larger scale, we are conscious of the importance of early detection and management of infectious diseases in public health preparedness, striving to support timely public health responses. To us, each and every diagnosis represents a responsibility to the health of a patient and in many cases, of the greater community.
At the forefront, Sansure is committed to its social impact. Spanning medical institutions to laboratories of developed and developing regions alike, we endeavor to promote global accessibility and healthcare equity. With the ultimate goal of universal access to healthcare, Sansure aims to develop more affordable, efficient, and scalable solutions while never sacrificing quality and precision. These continuously improving and accessible diagnostic tools allow Sansure to continue to bridge gaps in healthcare delivery and reach the underserved populations that need us the most.
In today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, biotechnology is a key player in advancing diagnostic capabilities. Biotech companies constantly strive for innovation, seeking to improve the accuracy, accessibility, and affordability of diagnostic tests, ensuring efficient healthcare delivery to populations in need.
The slogan "Innovating Diagnostics for All" embodies Sansure's commitment to promoting accessibility and equity in healthcare. Diagnostic kits aim to bridge the gap between developed and developing regions, urban and rural areas, and diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. By creating cost-effective, user-friendly, and scalable tests, biotech companies remove barriers that impede timely and accurate diagnoses. "For all" represents Sansure's aspiration to ensure that individuals from all walks of life can benefit from their improved diagnostic solutions.
The slogan also encompasses Sansure's dedication to advancing disease detection and prevention strategies. Through prioritized research and development, these companies continuously strive to enhance the accuracy of their kits in identifying pathogens, diagnosing diseases, and safeguarding one's health. Proactive disease detection leads to improved treatment outcomes and reduced healthcare costs. Additionally, innovative diagnostic solutions contribute to public health initiatives, exemplifying a commitment to improving population health and lessening the burden of diseases worldwide.
The term "innovation" reflects the dedication to developing solutions that optimize patients' well-being in the face of health crises. This is exemplified by advanced technologies utilized in diagnostic testing, employing techniques that enhance sensitivity, specificity, and speed.


Innovating Diagnostics For All.

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