Sansure Biotech’s Respiratory Adenovirus DNA Diagnostic Kit was approved for marketing
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Sansure Biotech’s Respiratory Adenovirus DNA Diagnostic Kit was approved for marketing

Sansure Biotech Mar 10, 2022

The Respiratory Adenovirus DNA Diagnostic Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probing) developed by Sansure was approved for marketing lately, adding another powerful tool to its total solution of respiratory nucleic acid test.

Adenovirus, an easily neglected but dangerous respiratory infection pathogen

Why is it dangerous and easily neglected? This is because adenovirus is also a virus that is strongly associated with respiratory diseases and is transmitted mainly through droplets, mostly in winter and spring.

In the case of adenovirus infection, it is easy to treat it as a respiratory disease such as influenza in people with high resistance, but susceptible populations such as children, recruits and those with immune dysfunction are prone to acute respiratory distress syndrome, blindness, kidney failure and other serious conditions, and even the risk of death, making adenovirus infection an easily neglected but dangerous respiratory disease.

Epidemics of respiratory infections on a small or large scale caused by human adenovirus have occasionally broken out in recent years, and even clusters of severe cases are found in some areas.

Adenovirus causes viral pneumonia as other viruses, but what is the difference between them?

Adenovirus infections in children: Respiratory adenovirus infections account for 5%~7% of respiratory infections in children worldwide. Adenovirus is more likely to cause severe pneumonia in children than other respiratory viruses and it is associated with higher rates of ICU admissions. Adenovirus pneumonia is currently one of the most significant causes of death and disability in infants and children with pneumonia.

Adenovirus infection in adults: Adenovirus pneumonia has been developing into a big part of community-acquired pneumonia, with a detection rate of 1%~7% of community-acquired pneumonia. The epidemic of adult adenovirus pneumonia is obviously seasonal, breaking out mostly in the late stages of the influenza epidemic from February to March each year. Community-acquired adenovirus pneumonia can rapidly develop respiratory failure and progress to severe pneumonia with a high risk of death.

Respiratory viruses have now developed into major pathogens causing community-acquired pneumonia, with adenovirus, influenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus, rhinovirus, and parainfluenza virus acting differently. For adenovirus pneumonia, especially in severe cases, more attention should be paid to the clinical manifestations and treatment points.

In April last year, Sansure launched a combined respiratory infection detection blockbuster – Six Respiratory Pathogens Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit (influenza A virus, influenza B virus, respiratory syncytial virus, adenovirus, human rhinovirus and mycoplasma pneumoniae), which has been well received and widely accepted by the clinic and the public.

The Respiratory Adenovirus DNA Diagnostic Kit launched by Sansure and approved this time for single respiratory infection detection can detect common types of adenovirus causing respiratory infections with sensitivity up to 200 copies/mL and can be adapted to common PCR instruments in the market.

As an effective supplement to combined respiratory infection detection products, the Respiratory Adenovirus DNA Diagnostic Kit of Sansure provides a healthier and more economical new choice for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of respiratory infections during the outbreak of respiratory diseases, helping patients with respiratory infections to be diagnosed quickly and greatly raising remedy success ratio.

Sansure has been deeply involved in the respiratory infection field for 8 years, and has developed more than 30 types of test products, making it a provider of a full scenario-based integrated solution. Sansure Biotech has continued its efforts in the field of respiratory infections in the past year, as evidenced by the fact that its strategic products such as Six Respiratory Pathogens Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit, iPonatic-Portable Molecule Workstation, SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza A/B Virus Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit are now commercially available, and its combined test and single test products  for nucleic acid testing of respiratory pathogens will also be available soon. Sansure Biotech will give full play to its advantages in technology and products in the future to improve the accuracy and accessibility of respiratory pathogen detection, to promote the construction of a precision diagnosis and treatment system.

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