Sansure and QuantuMDx, to jointly build intelligent and diversified overall solution for POCT
2022-09-08 yang, rongchang

Sansure and QuantuMDx, to jointly build intelligent and diversified overall solution for POCT

Sansure Biotech Sep 08, 2022

Recently, Sansure Biotech reached a strategic cooperation agreement with QuantuMDx Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as QuantuMDx) to establish cooperation relationship for global R&D and production. The two companies will further cooperate on the Q-POC™ platform, to develop multiple tests, expand the menu, and bring a series of innovative and high-performance tests.

QuantuMDx is a fast-growing medical technology company based in the United Kingdom. Its self-developed Q-POC™ instrument is a rapid, simple to use and portable molecular diagnostic device which had been certified by EU CE. The device supports ultra-multiple target detection, which can be completed within as soon as half an hour. It can carry out a variety of molecular diagnostic tests, including combined detection of pathogens of complex infectious diseases, drug resistance gene screening, individualized drug use gene testing, and early cancer screening.

Jonathan O’Halloran, the CEO of QuantuMDx, said that Sansure Biotech is a leading enterprise in the field of molecular diagnostics in China. This collaboration will jointly promote the development of Q-POC™ -based assay development, the mass production of Q-POC™ instruments and the integrated reagent cartridges to reduce user cost and increase the scalability of equipment in China. It is believed that the cooperation between the two sides will better optimize and broaden the Q-POC ™ testing portfolio and establish strong influence in China and other key regions.

Liu Jia, the deputy general manager of Sansure Biotech, said that at present, the demand for precise testing is growing in China, and the demand for molecular testing is becoming more and more diverse for doctors and patients. In order to meet these needs, they have been committed to establishing a diversified product portfolio with high accessibility and closely targeting clinical pain points in the field of POCT. Sansure’s iPonatic platform and QuantuMDx’s Q-POC™ platform are highly complementary and synergistic, and the strong combination of the two platforms can substantially expand the clinical application range of POCT. Sansure Biotech looks forward to working with QuantuMDx innovation team to strengthen the company’s technology and platform layout in the field of rapid ultra-multiplex target detection, allowing the Q-POC ™ platform, which can be suitable for different application scenarios, to bring precision medicine solutions to the public.

Sansure Biotech has been committed to developing rapid, simple and intelligent instruments to achieve the goal of making intelligent health management as a part of people’s daily life. Previously, the company has launched a number of POCT products, which are widely used in precision diagnosis and treatment of diseases. This cooperation will further enrich Sansure’s molecular POCT product matrix, and the company will continue to launch more products with strong convenience, high timeliness, much intelligence and adaptation to more application scenarios in the future.

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