Sansure at Medica 2022: iPonatic III Portable Molecular Workstation on Show
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Sansure at Medica 2022: iPonatic III Portable Molecular Workstation on Show

Sansure Biotech Nov 18, 2022

Sansure, a world class diagnostics company, has introduced its latest product developments at MEDICA 2022, Germany, 14-17 November. The Düsseldorf Exhibition centre has held the world’s largest event for the medical sector, which each year brings together industry leaders, global healthcare professionals, and start-ups to explore the latest medical technologies.

At Hall 3 J92, Sansure has showcased iPonatic Ⅲ – Portable Molecular Workstation, a new member of Sansure’s iPonatic series, meant to open up a new digital and intelligent era of molecular diagnostics.

Medica 2022: Expo Overview

For more than 40 years Medica has been one of the largest medical trade fairs in the world. This year, the event has attracted several thousand international exhibitors and industry professionals from more than 50 countries to the halls. In addition, the exhibition has held several forums concerning the entire spectrum of innovations for outpatient and clinical care.


Sansure Participation: iPonatic Ⅲ – Portable Molecular Workstation

On the show, Sansure hosted a showcase event introducing the new iPonatic Ⅲ – Portable Molecular Workstation. Technicians on stage showcased the equipment operations and presented to the audience its key features and applications.

iPonatic Ⅲ is a user-friendly molecular testing platform that is portable and provides highly accurate test results within 8 – 45 minutes. The equipment is based on one-tube fast release and rapid PCR amplification technology. Sansure POCT solution further optimizes sample processing, nucleic acid extraction, purification, PCR amplification, and result processing.

In addition, iPonatic Ⅲ offers a rich and extendable testing menu that meets the testing demands of different pathogens. Ensuring an unparalleled level of mobility and adaptability, the device sees its application in a wide range of scenarios, including:

  • Medical laboratories
  • Emergency rooms
  • Fever clinics
  • Primary medical institutions
  • CDCs
  • Airports
  • Customs

Ultimately, the workstation is aimed at bringing lab-quality molecular diagnostics to point-of-care doctor’s offices, clinics, and pharmacists to ensure vital support for communities’ healthcare worldwide.


Exhibition Highlights

The exhibition booth of Sansure was divided into exhibition area, training area, and experience area. Following the technicians’ introduction of iPonatic III performance and applications, visitors were allowed to test the equipment operations independently. Moreover, Sansure also arranged a gift exchange corner. Visitors who came to the event exchanging business cards or filling in questionnaires were rewarded with plenty of presents.



Sansure Biotech Inc. is an in vitro diagnostic solution provider integrating diagnostic reagents, instruments, and independent clinic laboratory services with its innovative gene technology as its core. Since its foundation in 2008, Sansure has been a driving technological innovator, meeting industry professionals’ needs with cutting-edge solutions. As a leading company in vitro diagnostics, Sansure will continue to utilize its unique, innovative capabilities and resources to keep developing in the international market.

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