S3334E ADV – Adenovirus Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit
S3334E ADV – Adenovirus Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit

S3334E ADV – Adenovirus Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit


Acute infectious disease caused by adenovirus, easily affects the mucous membranes of the respiratory and digestive tracts, the conjunctiva of the eyes, the urinary tract and the lymph nodes. The main manifestation is an acute upper respiratory tract infection. The population is generally susceptible, mostly the children. Infants are susceptible to adenovirus pneumonia, which is severe and has a high mortality rate. The source of infection is the patient and the latent infected person. The virus is excreted from the respiratory tract and conjunctival secretions, feces and urine, and is transmitted by airborne droplets, close contact and the feces-oral route.


The Adenovirus Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit is used for nucleic acid testing of adenovirus in patients suspected of being adenovirus infections (e.g., fever, cough, wheezing, dyspnea, bronchopneumonia, upper respiratory tract infections, lung infections, etc.) or related close contacts, and the results can be used to assist in the diagnosis of adenovirus infection and provide a molecular diagnostic basis for adenovirus infection.


  • High sensitivity: Detection sensitivity reaches 200 copies/mL.
  • Quick and easy: Perfectly match Sansure’s one-tube fast Sample Release Reagent, easy to operate.
  • IC monitoring: IC(Internal Control) monitoring test process to avoid false negative results.


Items Parameter
Specimen Type Throat swab
Extraction Platform One-tube fast release technology
Advanced magnetic beads technology
Anti-contamination system UNG enzyme + dUTP system
PCR Instrument ABI 7500; MA-6000; SLAN-96P; QuantStudio 5; iPonatic S-Q31A&B; S-Q36A
Sensitivity 200 copies/mL
Qualification NMPA, CE
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