MA-6000 Real-Time Quantitative Thermal Cycler
MA-6000 Real-Time Quantitative Thermal Cycler

MA-6000 Real-Time Quantitative Thermal Cycler


The MA-6000 Real-Time Quantitative Thermal Cycler has spent many years in the research and development phase, but it was worth the wait as this advanced technology will help you treat more patients and cut down your waiting times with its ability to process up to 96 samples at one time. Our new Real-Time fluorescence quantitative PCR system MA-6000 is equipped with innovative hardware, structure and optimised software to deliver higher quality results.


Temperature Control Technology and Innovation

MA-6000 employs a six independent temperature control module, associated with an infrared environmental scanning and monitoring system for temperature control and secured precision for the thermal block. A technologically designed thermal gradient customises twelve thermal conditions for multiple reaction actions in scientific research, maximising convenience for your research and scientific experiments. The MA-6000’s platinum sensor prevents temperature overshoot and undershoot, homogenised temperature variance which in tandem offer customers reliably excellent and repeatable data output.


The World’s Leading Optical Detection Technology’s Built-In Advantages

A world leading technology of optical conduction and detection is applied to MA-6000. A highly functional heat-resistance optical fibre conducts full-spectrum halogen light source to samples without attenuation. The emission fluorescence signals are synchronously collected by monochrome CCD, which together with its cooling system, physically eliminate dark current on the detection array. MA-6000 ensures extraordinary detection sensitivity, extends the application of thermal cycler from nucleic acid to biotinylated protein and expands a brand-new path for multiplex diagnosis in clinical field.


PCR Module
Sample capacity 96×200ul tubes / 12 x 8-well PCR strips / l x 96-well plate
Temperature range 4-100 ℃
Maximum ramp rate 3.5 ℃/s for heating; 3.2℃/s for cooling
Temperature accuracy ± 0. 1 ℃
Temperature uniformity ±0.25℃
Temperature monitoring method 6 independent zones for temperature surveillance
Gradient capability Yes
Excitation light source Full spectrum halogen lamp(5 years warranty)
Excitation spectrum 380-780nm
Excitation channels Built-in 6(including I extension channels)
Fluorescence dyes/probes FAM / SYBR Green I / VIC / HEX / TET / Cy3 / Cy3.5 / JOE / Yellow 555 / ROX / Texas Red / Cy5 / Cy5.5 / LC Red / Tamara
Detection channels 96 two-way heat-resistance optical fibers
Data resolution 5.000-10.000 copies with 99.8% confidence; 1.5 times differentiation for single reaction
Thermo Cycler
Power supply 100-240V
Frequency 50-60Hz
Dimensions(WxHxD)(cm) 54.8×38.8×28.8
Weight 23kg
Software Win7, Win8, Win10, etc.
Qualification CE
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