Sample release reagent
Sample release reagent

Sample release reagent


Sample release reagent developed based on the Sansure one-tube fast release technology platform. Adopting Sansure patent nucleic acid release technology, can quickly lyse pathogens at room temperature, no need heating, centrifuging or replacing tubes, the sample DNA/RNA can be extracted quickly through simple operations.

Sample Release Reagent is used for the pretreatment of nucleic acids, to release the nucleic acids from specimens, then the released nucleic acids can be used for clinical in vitro diagnosis or used for the detection through equipment.


Fully Automated Nucleic Acid System

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No. Product Name Spec.
S1011E Sample Release Reagent 48T/kit
S1013E Sample Release Reagent 48T/kit
S1014E Sample Release Reagent 24T/Kit, 48T/kit