Global Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed! Sansure Escorts the Overseas Business of PowerChina International
2021-09-27 admin@sansure2021

Global Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed! Sansure Escorts the Overseas Business of PowerChina International

Sansure Biotech Sep 27, 2021

According to the agreement, Sansure will work closely with PowerChina International against the backdrop of the grim and complex COVID-19 outbreak overseas. The two parties will exchange experience, resources and reference cases, actively explore and enhance technical support for nucleic acid testing equipment, customer service and joint promotion. This cooperation will help ensure equipment availability and bio-safety, and strengthen protection for overseas employees. In addition, it will also strive to solve the problems of COVID-19 detection in overseas projects, and improve the nucleic acid testing capacity of the project to guarantee early detection, early isolation, early diagnosis and early treatment. Solutions for construction of “Two Stations” in the “One Corridor and Two Stations” of chartered flights for overseas staff returning home will also be provided under it.

PowerChina conducts operation all over the world, and has set up offices in 119 countries. Sansure Biotech will give full play to its advantages and provide corresponding technical support and services according to local conditions. The “Sansure Solutions” will comprehensively help PowerChina conduct epidemic prevention and control for its overseas projects.

About PowerChina International

PowerChina International Group Limited (PowerChina International) operates in the same workplace with the overseas business department of Power Construction Corporation of China Limited (PowerChina). It is the headquarters department and core enterprise established by PowerChina for its international business, and exercises dual functions of international business control and international business leading. PowerChina is the world’s largest and strongest water, power and infrastructure construction group with the widest brand influence in the industry. Its core areas of business include energy and power, water resources and environment, and infrastructure. PowerChina has established a global network, with six regional headquarters across the world and offices in 119 countries. It has built a diversified layout centered around Asian and African countries and spreading to high-end markets in America, Oceania and Eastern Europe.

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