Equip Sansure Natch 16S and Optimize Your Nucleic Acid Extraction Experience
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Equip Sansure Natch 16S and Optimize Your Nucleic Acid Extraction Experience

Sansure Biotech Jul 06, 2023

Nucleic acid extraction is an essential process in the laboratory, especially when there is a need to extract genetic materials from a sample. Over the last couple of years, the technology used for nucleic acid extraction has advanced considerably, bringing more available and accurate options. With magnetic bead technology, for example, the process becomes more accessible and convenient. This article will discuss how we Sansure have incorporated this technology into laboratory devices and launched the Natch 16S nucleic acid extraction machine.


Natch 16S Overview and How It Works

There are various nucleic acid extraction devices on the market, but quality, efficacy, and time are things that differ, and we Sansure gain a good reputation from our innovative products, including Natch 16S. The Natch 16S Nucleic Acid Extraction System offers an advanced option that uses sophisticated technology to produce greater performance.

Using a nucleic acid extraction kit with the Natch 16S is incredibly easy, and the device’s compactness means the laboratory does not need a large, dedicated space to store the equipment. The device itself is controlled through a seven-inch touch display. This screen presents a user-friendly design that makes it easier to adjust mixing modes and other elements that are important for improving the overall outcome during the extraction process.

The system also comes equipped with a UV lamp, as well as an air filtration solution. These two features help to ensure lab technicians effectively prevent contamination of samples that have been collected.

Additionally, numerous projects are embedded into the Natch 16S to perform various tests, as well as customization options for more specific testing requirements. There are also import and export functions for the program management system, and the programs can be created, copied, and deleted.


Sansure Natch 16S Specifications and Advantages

The Natch 16S Nucleic Acid Extraction System has a number of advantages during the diagnostics process. The device uses magnetic bead technology and offers a variety of mixing modes to facilitate a broader range of requirements in a lab setting.

Let’s take a closer look at the technical specifications of the Sansure Natch 16S:

  • Sample throughout: 1 to 16
  • Mixing mode: 10 different modes
  • Extraction time:10-60 minutes/batch
  • Anti-contamination: Air filtration and UV lamp


Here are some of the major advantages that the Natch 16S Nucleic Acid Extraction System offers:

  • A faster nucleic acid extraction time means less waiting for the process to complete. This allows diagnostics to be made without delay.
  • The machine has a lightweight structure and is relatively compact, which ensures it does not take up a lot of space in the laboratory.
  • A touch display offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate by lab technicians.
  • With pre-packaged reagents, the process of using the machine is simplified.
  • Helps with both the isolation and purification of nucleic acids.

The Sansure Natch 16S is ideal for DNA and RNA extraction at a small scale and has been optimized to deliver excellent performance.


Sansure Improves the Nucleic Acid Extraction Process

When it comes to choosing an equipment supplier for a laboratory, there are several things that need to be taken into consideration. With years of experience, Sansure remains an excellent partner for laboratories and other facilities requiring equipment for sample testing.

We always strive to promote technological advancements to deliver more accurate and faster results in a medical setting, which ensures patients can get a diagnosis without much of a delay, helping the practitioner or specialist to implement an appropriate treatment plan at an early stage and potentially avoid serious complications that could have developed.

When it comes to nucleic acid isolation, our equipment delivers quality in each of our extraction devices.



Sansure has been working hard to deliver more advanced diagnostic equipment to the healthcare industry. We serve as a solution provider for in vitro diagnostics processes and have branches in 20 cities. Contact us to learn more about the Natch 16S and Sansure’s ability to streamline diagnostics in your laboratory. We are always ready to offer assistance, so hesitate no more and contact us for practical solutions!


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