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Whatever your needs are, Sansure's in vitro diagnostics products and solutions can help you provide the best healthcare possible.
Sansure's Core Technologies
Sansure has developed a series of global leading core technologies, and the new technologies and products have led the domestic industry and surpassed the advanced international level. These advanced core technologies are also applied to in vitro diagnostics products and molecular diagnostics; our core technologies: One-Tube Fast Release Technology, Advanced Magnetic Beads Technology, etc.
in vitro diagnostics products
Advanced Magnetic Beads Technology
Sansure new generation “ Advanced Magnetic Beads Technology” using exclusive modified super-paramagnetic nano-beads to absorb sample DNA/RNA , only needs a simple step of washing to obtain high purity nucleic acid, combined with the "DNA/RNA elution-free " technology and integrate efficient amplification system, to achieve DNA/RNA amplification detection with magnatic beads. It can realize high sensitivity and wide linear range PCR detection with good reproducibility , strong anti-interference ability and multiple genotypes coverage.
in vitro diagnostics products
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