Natch CS Fully Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System
Natch CS Fully Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Natch CS Fully Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System



1. One Robot Doing Two Robots’ Job

  • 48 samples throughput≤100 min. (one-tube fast release technology 96 samples at less than 40 min.)
  • minimum 3 batches (48 samples/batch x3) per day per unit
  • save lab space
  • high cost-effectiveness

2. Super Optimised Workflow

  • room temperature lysis avoiding heating aerosol contamination
  • 1 time washing for organic & inorganic together
  • no elution of the beads
  • ≥25% consumables saved compared to all robots

3. Multi-functional and flexible

  • optimized system for SARS-CoV-2,STIs,HPV,HBV,HCV,EBV,EV, etc.
  • as many as 14 PCR thermocyclers’ validation including ABI, SLAN, Biorad, MA-6000 etc.

4. UItra-stability

  • easy operated system
  • low maintenance
  • UV disinfection


Instrument model S12C
Sample type Serum, plasma, whole blood, secretions, exfoliated cells, tissues,
nasopharyngeal swab, oropharyngeal swab, urine, feces, etc.
Sample tube specifications Compatible with various original sample tubes
Extraction Principle one-tube fast release technology (OT)
Advanced magnetic beads technology (MB)
Sample type Volume OT: 1-96 tests/batch;
MB: 1-48 tests/batch
Extraction Time OT of 96 tests ≤ 40 minutes;
MB of 48 tests ≤ 100 minutes
Pipetting range 10~1000 μL
Level detection Pressure detection / capacitance detection, automatic detection of liquid level
Clot detection Pressure detection, automatic detection of liquid aspiration and liquid clogging
Sample loading function Automatic liquid level detection
Clot detection
Tips detection
Air-prof detection
Magnetic field control Permanent magnet mode
Lift-type magnetic separation module
Blending mode Vortex omnidirectional liquid mixing
Temperature control range Adjustable from room temperature to 100℃
UV disinfection Timed opening and closing
Barcode Scanning Sample scanning system
Supported multiple barcodes
Language Simplified Chinese / English
Display Method 10.4 inches touch screen
Communication Interface USB, RS232, network ports, HDMI
Dimensions and Weight 1270 × 735 × 1600 mm (LxWxH), weight: 270Kg
Power supply Input: AC 100-240V   50/60Hz   500 VA


No. Spec. Product Name
S1013E 48T/kit Sample Release Reagent
S1014E 24T/Kit, 48T/kit Sample Release Reagent
S1002E 24T/kit Nucleic Acid (DNA/RNA) Extraction or Purification Kit
(Magnetic beads method)
S1006E 48T/kit Multi-type Sample DNA/RNA Extraction-Purification Kit
(Magnetic beads method)
S10016E 48T/kit Nucleic Acid Extraction-Purification Kit
(Magnetic beads method)


Hepatitis and AIDS : HBV, HCV, HIV
Sexually Transmitted Diseases : CT, NG, UU, HSV-2, HSV I/2
Women’s Health : hrHPV and hrHPV genotyping
Respiratory Tract Disease : 6RP, TB, MP, RSV, ADV, BP
Gastrointestinal Diseases : HFMD
Prenatal and Postnatal care : CMV, EBV
Public Health : SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A/B, HINI, H7N9
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